Tempe Union High School District’s Industry Meet & Greet

South Mountain Family Dental participated in the Tempe Union High School District’s Industry Meet & Greet. 

A great evening sharing ideas and information on how South Mountain Family Dental can interact and support our teachers and students, including mentoring students interested in the dental industry. Approximately 100 teachers from 7 different schools in our community attended the event.

The energy and excitement from the teachers left a feeling of a bright future, full of smiles!

Letter From the School

South Mountain Family Dental,

Thank you for your participation in the TUHSD Industry Meet & Greet last evening. This event would not have been a success without the support and participation of organizations such as yours.
The response we have heard from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. We hope you found this to be a valuable experience as well.
Again we thank you and your organization for your participation and for your continued support of our district and our students.

Stephaine Frimer

Director of Career & Technical Education

Tempe Union High School District

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