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At times, more detailed care may be required that falls outside the scope of basic preventative or restorative dentistry. Oral surgery typically involves therapies that address more advanced diseases or severely at-risk teeth. Depending on the type of oral surgery that you need, our Chandler dentists may be able to complete your treatment here in our office rather than refer you to an offsite specialty clinic or surgery center.
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    What Is Oral Surgery?

    When most people think of dental care, they automatically assume treatments related to the physical tooth structure. But dentistry also encompasses the soft tissues and bone that surround your teeth. So, when those areas become infected, traumatized, or require professional care, a dentist is the best healthcare provider to treat them.

    Oral surgery encompasses a broad variety of more specialized procedures. Some of the most common include treatments like:
    • Wisdom tooth extraction
    • Periodontal therapy
    • Gum grafting
    • Bone grafting
    • Dental implant placement
    Although this is not a comprehensive list of oral surgeries, they are some of the more frequent ones that someone might require. Other more advanced surgeries could consist of sinus lifts, jaw reconstruction, TMJ surgery, etc.

    Does Oral Surgery Have to Be Done by an Oral Surgeon?

    Some types of oral surgery do need to be performed by a specialized oral surgeon or within a surgical center setting. However, not all of them do. At Canyon State Dental we offer basic oral surgery services in Chandler, without having to refer our patients to a specialist. Much of it will depend on the circumstances surrounding the surgery — such as the placement of wisdom teeth — and the type of surgery required. Many oral surgery procedures are quite straightforward and can be performed by a licensed dentist.

    What Is Oral Surgery Used For?

    Dental treatments such as oral surgery can be used for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you need oral surgery to address an atypical growth or impacted tooth that’s affecting your day-to-day quality of life. Or maybe you have experienced disease and tooth loss and require a reconstructive plan that helps your bite function optimally again. When your smile’s future health and performance depend on changes in the structures surrounding the teeth, oral surgery is typically the most appropriate next step.

    Sometimes oral surgery is used for removing disease and unhealthy teeth. Other times it’s to restore healthy tissues and stabilize the teeth you still have. Most surgeries are performed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the unique needs of the individual we’re caring for.

    In the case of a wisdom tooth removal, the teeth may need a bit more specialized care than a traditional simple extraction. Perhaps the tooth is partially covered by gum tissue, completely unerupted, or even partially surrounded by a thin layer of bone. Since the tooth isn’t accessible for removing it like other extractions, minor and minimally invasive surgery is needed to reach the tooth. The oral surgery will involve gently retracting the gums to access the tooth, and then segmenting the tooth to safely remove it. This process ensures the health and integrity of adjacent teeth without traumatizing the immediate anatomical structures around the wisdom tooth. Most surgical wisdom tooth removals will also include the use of a dental sedative.

    Think You Need Oral Surgery? Give Us a Call

    Canyon State Dental offers most basic oral surgery services at our dentist’s office in Chandler. Our team of highly skilled dentists will work closely with you and your family to arrange the most appropriate care plan. If you need oral surgery or want a second opinion, contact our office to request an exam.