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Canyon State Dental offers in-house orthodontic services for adults and teens. Our braces options help promote improved oral function, better hygiene, and more. By addressing the alignment of your bite, you can naturally improve the aesthetics of your teeth as well as things like speech and diet. An investment in orthodontics is one in your own health and self-confidence.
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    What is Orthodontics?

    Orthodontic therapy involves creating a harmonious biting relationship and alignment between the teeth and jaws. When your teeth fit together properly, you’re less at risk for issues like premature enamel wear, TMJ disorder, gum disease, and even tooth decay. Unfortunately, not everyone has naturally straight or aligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontics helps to correct that.

    Our Chandler dentists have training in orthodontic services like Invisalign. We’re able to provide in-house braces and clear aligners without referring you to an offsite orthodontic specialist. Conveniently access quality, affordable braces at our family dental practice.

    Orthodontic Services We Offer

    Depending on your background, age, personal preferences, and tooth alignment, our Chandler dentists can help you select the best braces for your situation. Our two most popular braces treatments include:

    Invisalign — These clear, transparent aligners straighten your teeth without fixed brackets and wires. Invisalign is removable, making them easy to clean and care for. Eat whatever you like! Simply change the aligners out as directed to straighten your teeth in the convenience of your own home. Invisalign was designed with adults in mind, but teens make great candidates too!

    What You Can Expect During Your Orthodontic Screening

    The first step to getting braces is an orthodontic consultation. During this exam or screening, we’ll assess the alignment of your teeth and other oral-functional considerations. Typically, a full-mouth X-ray is also taken to evaluate the roots of your teeth and any unerupted teeth. After discussing your concerns, our Chandler dentists will recommend the most appropriate course of treatment. Depending on the type of braces that are right for you, we will also be able to provide you with an estimated timeframe as to the length of treatment. Each person is different, as is the time required to properly straighten their teeth. An orthodontic consultation will help you get the answers that you’re looking for.

    Cost and Insurance

    Investing in braces can help you lessen the extent of other dental treatments in the future. Especially since straighter teeth tend to be healthier teeth. Most orthodontic treatments include affordable monthly payment plans to fit your budget. If your insurance policy covers orthodontic therapy, our treatment coordinators will adjust your care plan to include these benefits and lessen your out-of-pocket investment.

    The cost of braces is often depending upon the length of your treatment and any existing insurance coverage. Since some people require lengthier treatment than others, our Chandler dentists will need to perform a thorough orthodontic screening before being able to estimate how long you’ll need braces. Average treatment times can range from three months to a year and a half.

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    It’s never too late to give yourself the gift of a healthier, straighter smile. Braces are for adults and teens alike! Contact Canyon State Dental today to reserve an orthodontic consultation with our Chandler dentists.