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Periodontal disease is a preventable condition that is the most frequent cause of adult tooth loss. The infection begins as gingivitis but evolves into gum disease when not managed through preventative care and oral hygiene. Periodontitis causes the gum tissues to detach from the tooth, pulling back and creating a “pocket” just underneath. In turn, the underlying bone also begins to shrink away.
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    Symptoms of periodontal infection often include:

    • Sore, tender, or bleeding gums
    • Gum recession
    • Tooth mobility
    • Tartar buildup
    • Bad breath
    • Spaces between teeth
    • Tooth sensitivity

    Is a Dentist a Periodontist?

    Periodontists are gum experts who are dentists with an additional 2-3 years of training in periodontal health. They are often specialists in gum disease treatments and services such as dental implant therapy. Although general dentists do not necessarily specialize in gum therapy per se, they still provide periodontal treatments. However, if your disease is extremely chronic or severe, you may need a referral to a separate periodontist in Chandler.

    What is Periodontics?

    Periodontics is the field of dentistry that involves treatments such as gum disease therapy and specialized implant placement. However, in most cases when someone refers to periodontics, they are referring to managing periodontal infections.

    Gum disease is best treated early before tissue deterioration has a chance to become more severe. Since gum tissues will not reattach to the tooth or bone grow back, it’s essential to remove the source of infection (bacteria) as soon as the condition is diagnosed. Usually, the process involves a series of deep cleanings or periodontal therapies, focused on one area of the mouth at a time. Once a clean environment is established, our Chandler dentists will show you how to properly care for your gums at home to prevent disease relapse. From there, we’ll monitor your condition and provide supportive therapies every 3-4 months or until your gums improve.

    Who Needs Periodontal Services?

    The link between gum disease and overall wellness is strong. Untreated periodontal infections can significantly increase your risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), uncontrolled diabetes, infertility and reproductive challenges, pneumonia, and more. The good news is that by treating active gum disease, you can strengthen your immune system and better address other underlying medical concerns. In most cases, people experience improvement in other health conditions within just a few months of undergoing periodontal therapy.

    If you’re exhibiting symptoms of gum disease, we’ll measure the attachment levels of your gum tissues around each tooth. From there, we can determine the extent of damage that exists. Treating symptoms as early as possible can help halt bone loss and tooth mobility before it’s too late.

    Gum disease cannot be treated with regular brushing, flossing, or preventative cleanings. It requires specialized care and removing the buildup found deep below your gum tissues, against the roots of your teeth.

    Cost and Insurance

    Early treatment for periodontal disease can help you avoid preventable costs such as extractions and replacing missing teeth. However, most periodontal therapies are not covered at 100% like traditional cleanings, as they are not preventative in nature. A co-pay is usually required, as they are therapeutic and for the sole purpose of managing active oral disease.

    Our treatment coordinators will tabulate your therapies and estimated insurance coverage prior to scheduling treatment so that you know exactly what to expect.

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    Do your gums bleed easily? Can you see warning signs of tartar buildup or receding gumlines? If so, it’s important to seek out professional care before issues like tooth loss arise. Contact Canyon State Dental to reserve a periodontal screening.