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Impacted, infected, and painful wisdom teeth can jeopardize your entire smile. Canyon State Dental offers wisdom tooth extractions at our family practice in Chandler. As your comprehensive dental providers, we’re able to screen for wisdom tooth complications and intercept issues early, before they lead to complications.
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    What are Wisdom Teeth?

    “Wisdom teeth” are the third set of permanent molars that erupt the furthest back in your mouth. Although the second molars may come in closer to age 12, third molars are usually a few to several years later. Depending on the individual, wisdom teeth can erupt during the mid-teens to the late twenties. Most wisdom teeth are fully developed by the time a person reaches age 30. Since their development varies from person to person, our Chandler dentists begin screening for and periodically assessing them no later than your child’s mid-teens.

    Does Everyone Need to Get Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    No, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. However, wisdom teeth are at a statistically higher risk of infection because of their location. This factor alone is one reason why so many people need to have their third molars extracted.

    If your wisdom teeth are not causing any problems or difficult to clean, you may be able to maintain them for years to come.

    For wisdom teeth that are partially erupted, impacted against neighboring teeth, or have painful cysts developing around them, removal is usually best. A therapeutic dental extraction can help prevent damage to your adjacent, healthy teeth. Rather than allow your wisdom teeth to become infected and jeopardize their neighbors, it’s best to have them removed before problems start.

    What is the Process for Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed?

    The average wisdom tooth extraction is performed using a local anesthetic (numbing medication) to fully desensitize the entire area around the tooth. Depending on whether a surgical extraction is required, or the personal preferences of the family, sedation may also be recommended. With sedation, it’s easier to put anxiety to the side and feel as relaxed as possible throughout the procedure. Depending on which type of dental sedative is used, there may be some lingering drowsiness for up to a few hours after the appointment.

    Be sure to carefully follow your prescribed home care directions. Doing so will reduce the chances of irritation, infection, or discomfort. We recommend eating soft foods for the first few days. If medication is prescribed, please take it as directed. Most of our wisdom tooth removal patients only need a mild over-the-counter pain reliever for 1-2 days following their oral surgery. Our Chandler dentists are on call should you need to speak to someone once you return home.

    Cost and Insurance

    The cost of wisdom tooth removal in Chandler will depend on whether it is a simple extraction or one that involves oral surgery. Our treatment coordinators will work with you to estimate your insurance portion and calculate the remaining out-of-pocket amount based on the applicable fees. Since pricing depends on multiple variables, it is difficult for us to provide a price quote over the phone. Our Chandler dentist will need to examine the area first, determine the recommended care steps, and then our team can tabulate appropriate insurance benefits. However, you will know exactly what to expect at the time of your exam so that you can plan future treatments accordingly.

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