Check-Up Appointments After Dental Implant Placement

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A dental implant is one of the recommended tooth replacement options that exist today. After implants are placed, it is important to maintain routine checkup appointments. These appointments will ensure that the implant remains in the best shape possible. 

Understanding the importance of checkup appointments can be helpful for someone who has recently had implants placed. Learn what constitutes a standard checkup appointment as well as what to expect after the dental implant is actually placed.

What to expect after getting a dental implant

For someone who has recently had dental implants placed or is expecting to get one, it can be helpful to find out more about the process after placement.

The importance

Having dental implants examined after placement is important. A checkup appointment will allow a dentist or implant specialist to take a look at the implants, typically examining the area where implants were placed to ensure that everything is working properly.

Most times, dental implants do not develop any abnormalities after they are placed. On the off-chance that an issue arises, it is always safe to have the implant routinely examined at a checkup appointment.

The points of a checkup

During a checkup appointment, the dentist or implant specialist will carefully examine each area where a dental implant was placed. This examination is to check for any abnormalities as well as ensure that the implants are fully functioning.

A dentist or implant specialist will also ask an array of questions to ensure that the dental implants are not causing any problems. These questions may cover how the patient feels when eating or if proper hygiene is being achieved. The patient can ask questions during this appointment, too, which allows for open communication on both sides.

The frequency

After dental implant placement, it is necessary to have checkup appointments every couple of months. Because dental implants require a significant time period for healing and fusing, they have to be checked up on every few months. Most dentists recommend appointments every other month so that the process of fusing can be monitored.

Dental implants usually take a few months to heal, but this will depend heavily on each person's mouth and how many implants were placed. After the dental implants do fuse completely, checkup appointments are not necessary as often. Most people can visit the dentist twice or three times a year for a checkup and that will suffice. 

Maintaining a dental implant in a healthy mouth

Dental implants can change your life for the better by replacing teeth that have been lost due to accidents or decay. You can eat more naturally and smile confidently. However, it is important to have frequent checkup appointments after the implants are placed to make sure they are functioning correctly. It is also helpful to go over any questions with the dentist so that you are prepared for the implant process and what follows.

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