Four Benefits Of Dental Veneers

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Dental Veneers and Dental Laminates Chandler, AZ

Veneers are used to cover up defects that ruin the appearance of your smile like discoloration, cracks, poor spacing or chips. Veneers are responsible for many famous smiles, and they can be used to transform virtually any smile into an amazing one.

Veneers are thin restorations that are cemented to the front part of teeth. They are shaped just like real teeth and are color-matched with the rest of the patient's teeth during their installation. Porcelain veneers are the most popular type of veneers thanks to the great aesthetics they provide and their stain-resistant properties.

Reasons to choose dental veneers

Thinking about transforming your teeth with dental veneers? Here are some of the benefits those who choose veneers get to enjoy:

1. Veneers cover up imperfections

Veneers can be used to hide many of the cosmetic issues that ruin the way a person's teeth look. Dentists typically recommend using veneers when the cosmetic problems mainly affect the front part of a tooth.

If the cosmetic issue the patient is dealing with has already weakened their teeth, the dentist might recommend getting a crown instead. Unlike a veneer, which only covers the front part of teeth, crowns cover the entire visible part.

Veneers often end up making a person's teeth look better than they ever did. These restorations were initially created as a way to enhance the smile of Hollywood actors.

2. Veneers do not require the removal of as much enamel as crowns

The installation of a dental crown requires enamel being shaved off from all of its sides. This creates a better fit for the crown, but the tooth is permanently changed. The installation of veneers also requires the removal of enamel, but only from the front part of the tooth. As a result, people who get veneers are less likely to deal with teeth sensitivity than those who get crowns.

3. Veneers make it easier to keep teeth pearly white

The most common type of veneers is the ones made out of porcelain. Porcelain shares a lot of properties with real teeth enamel, like its translucence. It leads to natural-looking restorations. The benefits of porcelain veneers do not stop there though. Porcelain is more resistant to stains than real teeth, making it easier to keep teeth bright and white.  

Good oral hygiene and avoiding color-rich foods that can stain teeth is often all it takes to keep veneers in good condition. They can last up to 10 years.

4. Veneers lead to improved confidence

Nothing transforms the way a person's smile looks the way dental veneers do. The installation of veneers can be completed in as little as two weeks, and the patient's smile is instantly enhanced once they get their customized restorations attached to their teeth. Feeling good about the way one's smile looks leads to a confidence boost.

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