Increase Your Confidence With a Smile Makeover

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If you are constantly hiding your smile due to imperfections such as discoloration or crooked teeth, then a smile makeover from the dentist can help. The treatment can boost confidence and appearance while restoring normal dental functions in some cases. Whatever your needs or goals are, the dentist will develop the right treatment plan to accomplish them.

Smile makeover treatments

Some of the treatments available under a smile makeover include dental veneers, dental crowns, professional teeth whitening, teeth straightening and gum contouring. Irrespective of the patient’s needs and goals, the general dentist has the training and experience to develop the right smile makeover plan to help.

The smile makeover corrects most aesthetic impairments of the smile. Some of the most common issues that can be resolved include:

Missing teeth

A missing tooth or teeth can affect the smile’s outlook. Regardless of the cause of tooth loss, there is an option to restore the teeth. Dental implant restoration is a durable and natural-looking option, often included in a smile makeover. Another option is to get a dental bridge that will be customized to match the rest of the teeth.

A gummy smile

In some cases, overgrown gum tissues can affect the visible portion of the enamel. This is a condition usually called “gummy” smile. Although it is not exactly a major issue, it can make the teeth appear short and affect the smile’s outlook. The dentist can perform gum contouring or crown lengthening to remove excess soft tissue for an even gum line.

Gaps between teeth

Some people are fine with having a gap between their teeth, but others may have issues with it. There are cosmetic smile makeover procedures that can help. Depending on the size of the gap, porcelain veneers are an option to consider to close the space. The veneer covers the front of the tooth to mask the imperfection. Another option is Invisalign®, which is a set of clear aligners to move the teeth to their correct positions.

Stains and discoloration

Every cup of coffee, red wine and berry can leave pigments on the teeth that can cause discoloration. If the teeth are not brushed after drinking, the enamel absorbs the stains. Over-the-counter whitening kits sometimes work, but the results are limited. Therefore, it is advisable to go for professional teeth whitening treatment from the dentist to improve the appearance of the teeth.

Misshapen and chipped teeth

Chips or misshapen teeth can make the teeth appear uneven, which could affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. With a set of high-quality dental veneers placed over the teeth, the dentist can make the smile look full and even. Small tooth chips can also be improved with bonding and contouring, which involves the use of tooth-colored composite resin to replace lost enamel.

A confident smile with a smile makeover

Whether minor adjustments are needed or a complete restoration, the dentist can personalize the smile makeover treatment to correct every flaw in your smile, achieve cosmetic goals and increase overall confidence. Schedule a consultation at the dental office to get started.

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